Rohingya Refugees On The Trauma They Carry

After twelve months in the Kutupalong Refugee Camp at Cox’s Bazar, slowly but surely, the psychological scars of the Rohingya refugees are surfacing, as they begin to confront the atrocities of rape, murder and other forms of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar before their escape. As their tragic stories unfold and are being transcribed and corroborated by their people, foreign correspondents and mental health volunteers, the magnitude of the systematic campaign against them by Myanmar’s military and the paramilitary civilians are becoming clear. Anxieties, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts are recurrently reported as the collective psyche of the people are reassured within the safe environment of Bangladesh. The scale of the crisis is overwhelming with nearly 900,000 refugees (around 205,000 households) interned, and a continuing flow of daily new refugee arrivals. This article by photographer Robin Hammond addressed the trauma of men, women and children who are ready to speak of their suffering.

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