The Good Country Index

The Good Country Index.

Problems like climate change, pandemics, migration, human trafficking, terrorism and economic chaos are multiplying because of globalisation. These problems are too big and connected to any one country to fix them. We need to co-operate and collaborate much more closely if we’re going to make the world work. The Good Country Index, created in 2014, tries to look beyond conventional economic and social indicators and instead rates countries on measures such as their contributions to global culture, health, security and the environment. The Netherlands was ranked number one while Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan were at the bottom. Britain slipped behind Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and Finland but was still close to the top of the 163 countries in the index. The USA was ranked 25th. Simon Anholt, an international policy adviser who created the index, said: “A good country is one that successfully contributes to the good of humanity. Of course, it must serve the interests of its own people, but never at the expense of other populations or our shared resources: this is the new law of human survival.” The Good Country isn’t an organisation, an NGO, a charity or a company. It’s an idea: an idea that needs to spread. Some of the tools to help the idea spread have already been launched on this site: the Good Country Index and the Global Vote.

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