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Stories Of Loss, Love And Hope

Stories Of Loss, Love And Hope

Stories Of Loss, Love And Hope.

On Sunday 5 November, at Sutherland Springs, about 30 miles from San Antonio, Texas, a mass vengeful targeted shooting occurred at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. 26 church members were killed, the youngest was a 5 years old boy and the oldest was 77 years old. A mother-to-be was also fatally shot. Another 20 were injured. The following Sunday evening, the church opened its doors and invited the public inside the sanctuary, which had been emptied and transformed into a memorial. The hall was completely empty, except for 26 roses sitting on 26 white chairs, with names inscribed for each person who lost their life. A pink rose was placed on a chair in honour of the unborn child of Crystal Holcombe was two months pregnant when she was killed in the attack. A recording of some of the victims’ voices played in the background, as they read Scripture or were praying. At the front of the Sanctuary stood a lone wooden cross, and behind it a poster with Psalm 100 inscribed on it – to be read on Sunday, 5 November. The article consists of stories from survivours as they talk about their loss, grief and hope. Photo Credit: AP.

Stories Of Loss, Love And Hope

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