Aquaculture Causing Salmon’s Hearing Loss

Aquaculture Causing Salmon’s Hearing Loss.

This rather interesting article about the salmon’s hearing impairment due to the methods of large-scale aquaculture of some of our farmed seafood deserves some attention. Interesting because the accelerated growing process for fish seems to have blighted some of their normal capacities, not unlike the prevalence of antibiotic use and other force-fed produce in our food chain. How these processes would have in time altered their genetic disposition has not been totally clear at this stage, but there is certainly a risk in any artificially induced growth processes. Ultimately consumed by humans, how these genetic alterations will eventually surface in our bodies is anybody’s guess presently, considering that more than 50% of the fish we consume today are from aquaculture farms. Perhaps this article exposes the tip of the iceberg of a multimillion dollar industry that requires further scientific investigation and guidelines. Hearing is just one aspect of the problem for fish, this article mentions others which may be more serious.

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