Terrarium Cakes From Indonesia With Love

Terrarium Cakes From Indonesia With Love.

Iven Kawi’s story: “I am in love with cakes, cookies, and all kinds of desserts since I was very young. Having a Mom who is a passionate baker at home, I found myself surrounded by classic cakes such as bolu lapis surabaya, bolu marmer, bolu lapis legit, chiffon and many more, many days of my childhood life. My baking passion and journey started one fine day when i was sneaking around in my godma’s house trying to look for her baking recipes, and maybe, just maybe, bring the recipes back home for my own collection. Never did i know that on that day, my godma had the same idea of “stealing” my heart and made me fall in love with the love she has for baking.  Being one of the best cookies baker in my hometown, i was honoured when she told me that she will teach all she knows about baking to me and, of course encouraged me to start my own baking business in the future. The rest of the story is history, i fell in love with baking and cakes and cookies all over again. It started in December 2013 when i baked my first Christmas sugar-coated cookies for my daughter at her school. My simple decorated cookies gain many interest in school and for the next year many have asked how to order my cookies! In January 2014 we started ivenoven, with my husband as the most influential person in ivenoven, not only by taking beautiful pictures of all the cakes and cookies, but he also helps me in all areas that he possibly could to make ivenoven grow, even in those trial & error times of establishing hundreds of recipes, through the fluffy cakes and the “bantet” cakes. Credit: Ivenoven.

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