These Airports Are Worthy For A Layover

These Airports Are Worthy For A Layover.

With world-class efficiency and excellent shopping, dining and entertainment options, Changi Airport is often ranked among the world’s top airports. But it’s the little details that make it such a joy to spend time there. Here are five interesting things to take note of when you’re at the airport. (1) Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re strolling through a flower garden, as some areas are scented with an orchid tea fragrance developed especially for the airport. With fresh floral notes of orchid, damask rose and ylang-ylang, the scent will evoke memories of a great day out in a tropical garden, leaving you invigorated for your journey ahead. (2) You don’t have to plug in your own headphones while you’re waiting around for boarding – save your music for your flight and listen to something different instead. Changi Airport has a specially designed playlist that comprises a selection of instrumental pieces from international artistes and familiar classics. The music has been curated to suit the ambience during different times of the day.

(3) Did you know that an orchid has been named after Changi Airport? Known as the Dendrobium Singapore Changi Airport. This hybrid was created for the opening ceremony of the Orchid Garden at Terminal 2 in 1997 and can still be easily spotted there among the many other varieties of orchids. (4) Get interactive and be a part of various fun-filled activities while you’re at the airport. Keep an eye out for the travelling Local Snacks Delight wooden food cart to enjoy complimentary kacang puteh, a traditional snack of nuts. Insta-addicts will also enjoy the roving photo-taking sessions with MAX, the airport mascot. If you have a little more time, sign up for Discover Changi, a daily experiential guided tour within the terminals. On special occasions and Geographicalfestivals such as Christmas, Lunar New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya and National Day, the entire airport also gets into the spirit of things with activities such as Christmas carolling, Deepavali dances and more. (5) It’s always hot in Singapore. You won’t have to worry about buying overpriced water here, as all sit-down restaurants will provide drinking water to customers for free, so drink up! If after all this exploring you decide to catch a nap, the airport’s rest areas are located in the quiet zones. The next time you’re at Changi Airport, try to see how many of these unique aspects you can discover for yourself for a great start or end to your journey. Credit: Now Boarding By Changi Airport.

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