Scuba Diving Trips Around The World

Scuba Diving Trips Around The World.

The thought of breathing underwater can be intimidating (and it should be, we are land creatures, after all). Thanks to strict safety training and equipment regulations, scuba diving is a safe sport for people of all sizes, ages, and abilities. One of the best things to put a worried mind at ease is preparation. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, here are the best scuba diving tips for beginners that you need to know. Here are a few initial tips from The Adventure Junkies:

  1. When choosing your dive school, check to see if you’ll be diving in warm or cold water, what sea life the area is known for, and how much the accreditation costs. Getting your open water certificate takes three full days of training or longer.
  2. Safety should be your number one concern when choosing a dive school. Before you go, check out online reviews to see if other divers write about consistent issues like disorganisation, missed safety briefings, or faulty equipment. A safe dive school maintains a low student to instructor ratio, never leaves equipment on the floor, and communicates clearly with its students. 
  3. To maximise your confidence and comfort underwater, practice swimming for a few months leading up to your dive course. Focus on your breathing, one of the most important elements of scuba diving. Swimming helps you maintain control of your body underwater.
  4. Learn about different scuba diving agencies to find out which one is best for you. The two biggest are PADI and SSI.

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