Gardens By The Bay Orchid Extravaganza (Part 2)

Gardens By The Bay Orchid Extravaganza (Part 2).

The Orchid Extravaganza display at the Flower Dome will remain until Sunday, 20 August, 2017. This year’s exhibits included the Aliceara Tropic Lily, a popular display choice. The white bloom with purple spots adds glitz and dazzle to a floral show. Another special flower, a native to Thailand, is a warm growing lithophyte or terrestrial plant, Paphiopedilum Godefroyae F. Leuchochilum, found in humus-filled limestone crevices at sea level to 100m and thrives in light shade. One to two flowers are borne on a short terminal inflorescence, usually purple spotted on white or cream. Breeding of select leuchochilums has resulted in achieving a darker or deeper markings across the flower. The ‘select type’ dark-coloured orchid (deep burgundy) symbolizes the black tonation of the Singapore National Butterfly, Common Rose (Pachliopta aristolochiae asteris) which will augur well with the theme of this year’s show. A third exhibit is the Rossioglossum Rawdon Jester, a primary hybrid plant bearing spectacular large-size flowers of rich chestnut markings on yellow base. The waxy, semi-glossy bloom is a real enchanting showpiece. Do not miss the miniature orchids in a glass container, which included the Psychopsis Kalihi Var. Alba. Commonly known as ‘butterfly orchids’ which refers to several types of orchids with flowers that resemble the shape of a butterfly, the Psychopsis Kalihi Alba ‘Green Valley’ produces brightly-coloured flowers with long attenuated modified petals, outspread wing-like sepals and a large lip. Credit: Gardens By the Bay.

Photo Credit: Zheluo Cai