How To Find The Right Therapist

How To Find The Right Therapist.

A decision to select a suitable therapist for oneself is possibly one of the most difficult personal choices. Without a prior one-on-one meeting or the benefit of trial sessions, it remains a confounding selective procedure, and add to it the highly trusting and confidential nature that exists in a potential client-therapist relationship and the complex mix of each person’s idiosyncrasies, make this choice more of a subjective ‘gut feel’ at times. The intimate or personal nature of issues that are brought to the sessions further tests the existence or strength in such an alliance. The experience and personality of the counsellor play a critical role in determining the outcome with differing clients, but  it is not limited to those factors. Normally, after the initial few sessions, both client and counsellor will be able to sense whether a therapeutic relationship exists or can be improved on, and if not, whether the client ought to be referred to another professional. A counsellor who had been on the receiving end of treatment would certainly be an added advantage in empathising with potential clients, especially those who will be in therapy for the first time. These appended articles below provide some useful guidelines to those looking to find the right therapist.

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