Saturday, 20 January, 2018
A Near Perfect Future Reordered

A Near Perfect Future Reordered

A Near Perfect Future Reordered.

Lindy topped her junior college national exam at 18 years old, and was looking forward to secure a scholarship to do medicine at the university. Her parents were very proud of her. She was elated and feeling at the top of her world. James, her boy friend, was in a celebrative mood, and began planning with Lindy’s close friends for a dinner party. Her interviews went well and she was the first to secure a scholarship in her cohort. After the party, they had a row as James was driving her home, which resulted in a motor vehicle accident. James suffered brain injury, but Lindy escaped unharmed, apart from a few bruises. She was distraught and blamed herself for the mishap.

Four months later, James was sent home, but due to his injuries, he had to take an indefinite break from his final year studies. From his brain injuries, it seemed unlikely he would be capable of resuming his college course. Lindy descended into depression. A month before her university term was to begin, she was picked-up by the police at about two in the morning, wandering in the clubby part of town alone, and incoherent. Fortunately, she had some form of identification on her. When her parents arrived at the station to collect her, she did not recognise them. Since her condition did not improve the following morning, she was warded at a hospital for observation. Lindy had no memory of what happened that evening. Her last recall was spending an evening with a few friends at a bar. She just had one drink and excused herself, leaving the group. The police had reported that they had found her ignoring oncoming traffic and crossing a road dangerously. She seemed to be in a daze, and did not resist when they brought her to the station. After several days at the hospital, Lindy was diagnosed as having had a psychotic break and duly medicated.

Lindy was unable to commence her studies when the first term began. Her medical course and scholarship were withdrawn, and pending her recovery, the university would decide, if she reapplies at a subsequent date for another course of study. It was at this juncture that she was referred for counselling.

As we began to unpack her predicament, Lindy’s grief and regrets overwhelmed her as she described what had transpired in the preceding months. She had disappointed her parents, her friends, lost James, her scholarship, her medical study, and it seemed, all her hopes for the future were dashed. Her suicide ideation was constant. However, her parents remained supportive, and this proved a huge positive factor in her slow recovery in the months ahead. As usual, her desire to be off her medication regime, due to its debilitating side effects proved to be an initial challenge. But with a collaborative educational orientation on her particular course of meds, and constant monitoring at home and in sessions, she cooperated and recovered in time to reapply for a different course of study at the university. It was gratifying to see her graduate with remarkably good grades years later.

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