A Guide To Online Privacy

A Guide To Online Privacy.

Geoffrey Fowler writes for The Wall Street journal on the perennial issue of online privacy and provides us with some practical advice. Here is his introduction: ”You wouldn’t walk naked through Times Square. Stop being naked online. Your laptop and that smartphone grafted to your hand are double agents. What you look at, where you go and even what you say can be used to paint a portrait of you leaving you as exposed as the day you were born. Much of Silicon Valley wants you to think the price of using the internet is letting them data-mine your life. This is a beginner’s guide to fighting back. It starts with a golden rule: When the product is free, that means you are the product. Your privacy is the cost of a free social network, free tax prep or free photo storage. Defending your privacy doesn’t have to mean throwing away your phone, quitting Facebook or wearing a tin foil hat. It is about making informed choices on what you share with whom—and blocking or lying when you feel they want too much. Start by dedicating an hour to work through this checklist, following the links. Even if you only get through my Quick Fixes, and save my Deeper Dives for later, you will be less exposed.”

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