The Ancient Path Through Palestine

The Ancient Path Through Palestine.

The Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil or Abraham Path, is a fascinating 200 miles hiking route through Palestine’s history, culture and incredible landscapes. It runs from Rummanah in the north of Palestine to Beit Mirsim, Hebron in the south, taking 22 days to complete. There are organised tours to explore the various historical and archeological sites en route, as well as appreciate the amazing diversity of landscapes and views of the land. Beginning in the agriculture fields and olive groves in the north, passing through the wildernesses and arriving at the desert scenery of the south, the tour takes one through various Palestinian rural communities, with stays overnight in one of Masar Ibrahim homestays or Bedouin tents along the path. Recommended sections include Burqin to Arraba (Jenin), Ain Samia to Auja (Nablus), Jericho to Sea Level Community (Jericho), Khirbet Al Mard to Tal Al-Qamar (Bethlehem) and Hassasa to Bani N’aim (Hebron). The full Abraham Path starts in Harran in Turkey. If and when the full Path is completed, it will go through Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

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