48 Countries Where A Terrorist Attack Is Most Likely

48 Countries Where A Terrorist Attack Is Most Likely.

This list from the UK Foreign Office recommendations for oversea’s travellers was publicised following the 22 May Manchester Arena bombing at the Ariana Grande concert. There are three groups of terrorists that counterterrorism officials routinely watch carefully. There are operatives who may actually receive training and go overseas. A second group are those who are largely self-radicalised and operationalise on their own. But the third is of great concern because they receive additional radicalising information through a friend, colleague, neighbour or through online material, but then, they make contact with terror groups. They use those encrypted chat rooms and other mechanisms to talk back and forth and receive some level of instruction. We call those directed attacks. Given that terrorist attacks are increasingly aimed at soft targets, especially where groups of people normally congregate, there is really no place that would be considered absolutely safe.

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