The Science Of Sinning Less

The Science Of Sinning Less.

Self-control and science make for an interesting study and outcome. When does spirituality act on its own in the area of self-control, or does science have a part to play in it? Is there a need for us to be intentional about self-control, or do we just let nature takes its course and trust in God? What does it mean when Scripture informs us that self-control is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit? Do our physiological state impact our self-control? Or, is self-control always consistently available and its power inexhaustible? Can self-control be habitually developed or is it a waste of time attempting it on a routine or regular basis? When and how does will power involves itself in our self-control? How does psychology’s understanding of self-control squares with Scripture, or does it? How does behaviours and thoughts figure in self-control? This article explores some of these interminable and other questions.

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