Inside The Uranium Underworld

Inside The Uranium Underworld.

This TIME magazine article is one of the latest on the Georgian uranium underworld is just the tip of the iceberg, exposing the world of trafficking in nuclear material. In 2015, The Associated Press broke the story on the Moldovan nuclear black market being accessed by ISIS. In the late 1980s, A.Q. Khan transferred Pakistan’s nuclear technology and fissionable material to Iran, Libya, and North Korea. The involvement of transnational organised crime syndicates in nuclear material is an established, as it may not be principally due to political or ideological reasons that such transactions are executed, but more economic. Most governments and counter-intelligence agencies admit that it is only a matter of time before a dirty nuclear device is detonated in a large city, as a result of the prevalence of both commercial and illicit trade in radioactive materials. The primary danger from a dirty bomb would be the blast itself. The levels of radiation created by the fission source would determine the scale of damage and the severity of illness from exposure. The economic and psychological impact would most likely be more severe, resulting from the evacuation and decontamination of the affected population, and the long standing effect of exposure to radiation.

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