The Nation That Eats The Least Meat Per Capita

The Nation That Eats The Least Meat Per Capita.

Which is the most vegetarian country in the world? Most of us have not the foggiest idea! Due to the rapid growth of the world population, global meat consumption will dramatically increase in the years to come. In 2012, around 302 million tons of meat was produced worldwide, almost 2% more than the year before. Poultry (104.5 million tons), beef (66.8 million tons)and pork (110.8 million tons) are the three types of meat that are most frequently traded on the world market. It is hard to imagine how much meat our planet will need by 2050. The bulk of it, over 70% is consumed by the industrial nations of the world. It is incredible how much resources are needed to produce 1 kilogram of beef. The most important production component is water, using more than 15,400 litres water. With that amount of water, we could grow 60 kilogram of potatoes, 83 kilogram of tomatoes, or 118 kilograms of carrots. Furthermore, several children in Africa could be fed with 6.5 kilogram of crop. Each cow needs 330 sq metres of land. Another important fact is that no other animal produces so many carbon dioxide like a cow. The cultivation of one kilogram of tomatoes compared to the production of 1 kilogram beef produces 0,085 kilogram of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, compared to 16.4 kilogram.

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