How To Survive Tyranny

How To Survive Tyranny.

In this article, written by imprisoned Turkish journalists, the result of the current restrictive political environment in their country, provides us with some perspective of what life is like under an autocratic ruler who has no qualms treading on the human rights of his own citizens, in his efforts to curb all opposition to his will. Increasingly, we live in a world where tyranny reigns, irrespective of political authority structures. Not surprisingly, the abuses of entrusted power did not surface suddenly, but over years, as political leaders ingratiated themselves in corruptible power, and exercised a stranglehold over the rights of their acquiescing citizens. In some countries, it took generations before these egocentric rulers were overthrown, at great costs to the nation’s peace and order situation. The destruction of integrity in governance under years of tyrannous rule would take years to undo, and in many of these nations, unnecessary wars continue to plague them.

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