Disconnected, Why We Need To Unplug

Disconnected, Why We Need To Unplug.

Writing in The New England Journal of Medicine, a team in Britain outlined the case studies of two women who went to a clinic complaining of temporary blindness in one eye, early in the morning and late at night, respectively. The doctors figured out that what was going on wasn’t cause for concern, but just a temporary condition caused by looking at a smartphone in the dark with just one eye; called transient smartphone blindness. This is just the latest health-related issue that smartphones have presented as they’ve taken over the world in recent years; and they’ve certainly been known to affect more than just our eyes. In this article, the American Psychological Association’s March 2017 issue on Monitor On Psychology reported that research shows how smartphones are affecting our health and well-being, and points the way toward taking back control. Some suggestions would include recognising how much digital use is really needed, say, for work or navigation or letting family members know you’re OK, and what is merely a habit of responding, posting and self-distraction; make little changes and refrain from using your device while eating or spending time with friends, and add one thing a day that’s done without the phone; and, becoming very conscious of what is important to you, what really nourishes you, and devote more time and attention to it.

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