The 9 Best Countries For Women To Work

The 9 Best Countries For Women To Work.

InterNations is one of the biggest communities for expats worldwide. Founded in 2007 by three expat Germans, it quickly grew, and now unites more than one million expats in many countries around the world. It is as an expat community where you can exchange ideas, experiences and get a helping hand, if you have problems adopting to your new cultural environment. The platform is built with a newsfeed called the “Wire”, that keeps you in the loop of new forum posts or discussions as well as events in your area. You’ll also see when new members sign up in your area. The nice thing is, that you see their picture, real name and 2 flags with their profile pictures: One flag is their nationality and the other is what country they currently live in. InterNations conduct surveys from time-to-time with its expat membership. In this recent survey to celebrate Women’s Day, it lists 9 top cities where expat women would feel most at ease working in. About 6,000 women gave their views and rated the place they live and work as expats

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