Planning For The Japanese Cherry Blossom Season

Planning For The Japanese Cherry Blossom Season.

It is not too late to plan for the Japanese Cherry Blossom season in late March to early May this year. This article gives us a few leads as tour agents assiduously promote this upcoming extravaganza in Japan. Cherry Blossom viewing (Hanami) season first arrives in the southern part of the country and as the warmer weather moves north towards Hokkaido, the sakura blooms follow. Every year, Japan’s first cherry blossoms appear in Okinawa, then move northwards to Hokkaido by early May. If somehow you miss Hanami in Tokyo or Kyoto, you can head to the Tohoku and Hokkaido regions. The 2017 cherry blossom first forecast has been published by Weathermap! According to Weathermap, Somei Yoshino (Yoshino cherry), the most popular sakura variety, will start blooming on March 24 in Tokyo and Yokohama, March 26 in Nagasaki and Nagoya, March 28 in Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Osaka, March 29 in Nara, April 9 in Niigata, April 10 in Sendai, April 11 in Nagano, April 24 in Aomori, and May 3 in Sapporo.

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