Saturday, 20 January, 2018
The Surprising Truth About Why We Sleep.

New Research Evidence On Our Sleep Duration Pattern

New Research Evidence On Our Sleep Duration Pattern.

Dr Jerry Siegel, Director of the University of California Los Angeles Center for Sleep Research, and his colleagues, sort to track sleeping patterns of hunter-gatherers in pre-industrialised societies to measure normal sleep under natural conditions. They surprisingly discovered that their sleep patterns averaged between 5.7-7.1 hr. There was a difference of nearly 1 hr between summer and winter sleep. None of the groups studied began sleep near sunset, onset occurring, on average, 3.3 hr after sunset. Awakening was usually before sunrise. The sleep period consistently occurred during the nighttime period of falling environmental temperature, was not interrupted by extended periods of waking, and terminated, with vasoconstriction, near the nadir of daily ambient temperature. Napping occurred on <7% of days in winter and <22% of days in summer. These results are quite different from what we know had been the recommended modern sleep duration and sleeping patterns. This article challenges age old conclusions about sleep that is currently held. Interesting!

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