A Jacket That Does Away With Hand Luggage

A Jacket That Does Away With Hand Luggage.

This double-breasted airport jacket or business travel clothing with a capacity to duplicate the space within a piece of normal cabin hand luggage, will likely be the most heavy overcoat on any shoulder! Fourteen deep pockets, a 15 kg load factor, 13” laptop capable, an SLR camera with replaceable lens, two pairs of shoes, and numerous pieces of clothing, – up to16 items capable. It is detachable to 3 panelised lengths. How is that for style, too. It is not the first of its kind as BauBax, Rufus Roo and Scottevest had earlier marketed similar coats and vests. Are they popular? As long as there are no extra charges for hand luggage to be carried on board planes, perhaps the demand for these coats may be rather limited.

Scottevest also has a trench version, but a rundown version is a vest, illustrated here:

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