Want To Change The World? Don’t Look At Davos

Want To Change The World? Don’t Look At Davos.

This critical article on the annual Davos’ World Economic Forum (WEF) rings a bell in most of us. After all, the WEF has been in existence since 1971, and there has been precious little change in terms of economic equity among the world’s population and within nations. In fact, the rich are continuing their quests in wealth accumulation, leaving a larger proportion of the world’s poor behind each year. The perennial and unrelenting control of resources and power by many of these men and women for themselves, speaks volumes of the futility of such a gathering. The level of trust between the global political and business elites and the rest of humanity has been eroding over the years and the recent electoral surprises in the advanced economies are just signs of an underlying symptom bearing its fruit. Perhaps the tangible results of a revolt has just begun! Davos is out of touch with every man in the street.

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