Why Is It So Hard To Train Someone To Make An Ethical Decision

Why Is It So Hard To Train Someone To Make An Ethical Decision.

Eugene Soltes, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, in this article in the Harvard Business Review, walks us through the conundrum of making ethical decisions in the practical real world, We face these decisions daily and make them at times without much credence to individual or professional ethical guidelines. Decision-making in a training environment on ethics is very different from coming face-to-face with them under duress or stress, where mistakes are made despite our intuitive judgments. The VW emissions scandal is one such recent example, where the whole Board of Directors was implicated in the cover-up, despite acknowledging the falsification of earlier research data. Now Fiat Chrysler and Renault are facing a similar accusation. The lack of accountability within the untouchable portals of corporate leadership, especially for those who are at the pinnacle of corporate life, seems to an issue in whichever organisation.

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