16 Positive Things That Happened Over The Past 12 Months

16 Positive Things That Happened Over The Past 12 Months.

Bad news make good news, but here are some good news that took place in the last twelve months: wild tiger populations increased for the first time; giant pandas are no longer endangered; mutant snail found love; GSK and Google combined to found bioelectronics research company; zika downgraded as a global threat; HIV cure closer after clinical trial; controversial world’s first three-parent IVF baby; man in coma work up after ultrasound waves applied; ice bucket challenge funded ALS breakthrough; Juno reached Jupiter’s orbit; plastic microbeads to be banned; Solar Impulse 2 worldwide flight; Paris Climate Change Agreement inaugurated; Pokemon Go went wild; Netflix went offline downloads; and finally, McVitie’s Rich Tea is the best dunking biscuit.

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