A Museum Of 500,000 Oddities

A Museum Of 500,000 Oddities.

The Pitt Rivers Museum displays the archeological and anthropological collections of the University of Oxford in Oxford, England. The museum is located to the east of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and can only be accessed through that building. Founded in 1884 by Lt-General Augustus Pitt Rivers, who donated his collection to the University with the condition that a permanent lecturer in anthropology must be appointed. Museum staff have been teaching Archaeology and Anthropology at the University even today. A second stipulation in the Deed of Gift was that a building should be provided to house the collection and used for no other purpose. So, an adjoining building at the rear of the main building was specially constructed to house the collection. The original donation consisted of approximately 22,000 items; this has now grown to 500,000 items, many of which have been donated by travellers, scholars and missionaries.

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