Nimrud, Destruction of Ancient Iraqi City By ISIS

Nimrud, Destruction of Ancient Iraqi City By ISIS.

The Iraqi army had made deep inroads into Nimrud on Tuesday, 15 November 2016, and this article informs us of the severity of the destruction by ISIS during its occupation since early 2015. Nimrud is the Arabic and Assyrian Neo-Aramaic name for the ancient Assyrian city of Kalhu (the Biblical Calah), located 30 kilometres (20 miles) south of the city of Mosul, in the Nineveh plains in northern Mesopotamia. The ruins of the city were found within one kilometre (1,100 yards) of the modern-day Assyrian village of Noomanea , Iraq. Archaeological excavations at the site began in 1845, and were conducted at intervals between then and 1879, and then from 1949 onwards. Many important pieces were discovered, with most being moved to museums in Iraq and abroad; distributed amongst at least 76 museums worldwide; including 36 in the United States and 13 in the United Kingdom.

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