Avoid These 15 Ingredients Found in Many Supplements

Avoid These 15 Ingredients Found in Many Supplements.

The allure of ‘natural and herbal supplements’ is enough to convince Americans to fork over $12.8 billion a year, according to a recent federal report. Unfortunately, many supplements don’t really improve health, and some even carry dangerous side-effects. To better highlight these dangers, Consumer Reports dedicated its September 2016 issue to the topic. First, the authors demonstrated how easy it is to make 80 weight loss capsules (they named their product Thinitol) using just Google, YouTube, and an editor’s desk. All the team would need to register their “facility” is a single registration form from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And to really drive their point home, the Reports team took a short but informative look at 15 supplement ingredients that the public would be wise to steer entirely clear of, a list culled entirely from the expert opinion of independent scientists.

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