Sunday, 17 December, 2017

Opening Up about Depression

Opening Up about Depression

With men in depression, the symptoms are likely to be atypical or uncharacteristic. If we are looking for the more common depression indicators, we will probably miss them, as the symptomatology described for this disease spectrum have a higher prevalence among women. Masculinity or the ‘male macho’ façade often becomes a smokescreen, masking the onset of depression, and this state of denial needs to be faced squarely, if treatment is to be sought early. The alternative can be critically damaging to the brain and psyche if the disease is allowed to progress unabated, which will probably lead to other more serious social and medical ailments.

The second link to another Article below gives a clearer perspective of the differences between male and female depressive signs and symptoms, with specific reference to men regarding depressive triggers, treatment suggestions, and lifestyle changes needed.

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Depression in Men – Read Article Here:

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