A Completely Grueling And Life-Changing 7-Minute Workout

A Completely Grueling And Life-Changing 7-Minute Workout

Performance coach Brett Klika and Exercise physiologist Chris Jordan summarized their research, ”When facing seemingly infinite demands, one’s ability to manage and expand physical energy can be severely compromised. This can result in persistent fatigue (physical, but also emotional and mental) and a growing level of disengagement with one’s career, family, friends, and personal well-being, which can ultimately lead to performance failure. Regular aerobic and resistance training are two of the strategies we suggest to help individuals manage and expand their physical energy, prevent fatigue, and sustain engagement in those things that really matter to them. For either of these exercise strategies to be practical and applicable to the time-constrained client, they must be safe, effective, and efficient. As many of our clients travel frequently, the program also must be able to be performed anywhere, without special equipment.”

For those of us who are not used to the pace set by this programme – Burn in gradually

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