Do You Have A Healthy Or Superficial Relationship With God?

How do you know if you have a good relationship with someone or God? Most of us veer away from answering a question like this, especially when we are conflict aversive, and have problems handling opposing views. It is easier to just say ‘let us agree to disagree’ rather than have a conversation to understand what exactly we disagree or agree on! Reading the OT Prophets and the Psalms lays to rest the idea that we are never to disagree with God, or have a good argument with Him! Erik Raymond informs us that often our reactions to human conflicts more or less reflect our relationship with God; either we have a dynamic relationship with Him or none at all. This opens up ‘a can of worms’ as it implies that if we know little about God to avoid any disagreements with His judgments and choices in this upside-down world, we possibly have a tenuous relationship with Him. Prayer then becomes a one-way street, and the Bible remains a closed book!

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