Sunday, 17 December, 2017

Seeing God

Seeing God

Isaiah 55: 8 – 11

blessed-manThree reasons are given for seeking the Lord. (1) Man’s thoughts and ways are not those of God. Man therefore cannot evaluate his own spiritual condition nor can he dictate the terms of his acceptance before the Lord (55:8f). (2) As moisture accomplishes its purpose in the physical realm, so the word of God will fulfill God’s purpose in the hearts of those who humble themselves before him (55:10f). (3) Those who answer God’s invitation “will go out with joy,” they will be “led forth with peace.” Freedom awaits those who reject sin and embrace the Lord. Even nature is depicted celebrating the redemption of man. Happiness and contentment (“cypress” and “myrtle”) replace bitterness and sorrow (“thorn bush” and “nettle”) in the lives of obedient believers. These transformed lives would be an everlasting testimony to the power and compassion of the Lord (55:12f).

Smith, J. E. (1992). The Major Prophets (Is 55:6–13). Joplin, MO: College Press.

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