Living Coram Deo Readership

On 3 June 2015, I upgraded an SEO software plugin to gather some traffic information on my blog. Here are some interesting statistics harvested for the 3 months to 31 August 2015. I am quite bowled-over by the numbers being a newbie at blogging, and am pleasantly intrigued that there are commonalities that bind us together as humans despite differences in cultures and a whole lot of other factors, especially when the topics that interest me are fairly narrow and with a heavy emphasis on faith matters.

To date, readers from 98 countries have logged-in; by far the largest group was from the USA, followed by those from the Russian Federation, Germany, Singapore, France, Romania, Ukraine, the UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands, in that order; being the top ten nations. Readers as far afield as Peru, Botswana, St Lucia, French Guiana, Cape Verde, Kiribati, and Sint Maarten were among those aggregated. A total of 12,310 visitors (inclusive of repeat visitors) who viewed 88,950 blog pages (each article posted is considered one page) were registered. In August alone, there were 4,430 visitors who viewed 32,560 pages.

In total, I had posted 992 articles since I started the blog in October 2014; these included articles that I had on Facebook since February 2013, some of which were moved to the blog.

Thank you for your interest in this blog, and keep reading and thinking about issues that matter and affect us to some degree or other, and continue to appreciate the exquisite beauty of our created universe and man’s gifted creativity that I will continue to post.