Our Care Group Meeting

These photos depict one of our normal Care Group meetings on a weekday morning (once every 2 weeks) in a vacant games room at the church. After 30 minutes of acappella worship (a mix of choruses and hymns), we dig into the Scriptures for an hour of sharing (studying a chapter of the Bible that we had prepared beforehand with the help of a workbook). Subsequently, we discuss Group notices and plans for the next meeting, followed by a time of praying for various items raised. We conclude by having delicious home-cooked lunch (usually prepared by Emily) together, amidst fellowship. After this meeting a few able-bodied among us would adjourn for table tennis, while some others would go for a game of billiards.

Christopher, our leader, is 75 years old, and Chee Kiong, his assistant, is 76 years of age. Our oldest member, Chandran, is 79 years. Donna and I are young comparatively, but we are all retirees. The youngish lady who joined us this time is a staff of the church and our pastoral caregiver. Pastor Lim Jen Huat also graced our meeting on this occasion.