Sunday, 18 February, 2018

Flowery Fun Times At Gardens By the Bay

Flowery Fun Times At Gardens By the Bay

GBTB19Relive your childhood as we bring to life some of your favourite nursery rhymes! Step into a world filled with beloved characters such as Mary and her little lamb, the old lady in her shoe, and Old MacDonald with his farm animals. Amidst a field of colourful Lupins, Delphiniums and Foxgloves, find Humpty Dumpty before his fall and visit Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary in her garden!

“Flowery Fun Times” is the third of six chapters in Gardens by the Bay’s storytelling journey in 2015 and will be on display to 19 July 2015. This enchanting series of floral displays for the year will draw visitors into the magical world of folklore, legends, fairy tales and nursery rhymes as told through the language of plants.

Credits: Zheluo Cai

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