Thursday, 23 November, 2017

Beware of Personal Favouritism

Beware of Personal Favouritism

James 2:1

James taught the strongest possible connection between faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and impartiality. God does not play favorites, yet we do (cf. 2:9), sinners that we are. The world’s love shows its true nature in its lack of love for the many who suffer under desperate circumstances. Just as James earlier demonstrated the incompatibility of double-mindedness and prayer, he here showed the impossibility of combining faith and the approval of the world.

Can favoritism or partiality coexist with the glorious Christ of faith? Impossible. God does display preferential treatment, but toward the poor (2:5) with the intent to demonstrate the greatness of his grace. Special respect of persons based on their high social standing is antithetical to faith in God. Believers must never mix faith with partiality. If they do, it is just another case of double-mindedness. When favoritism dominates, the obedience of faith is compromised and undermined.

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