Mary Believes

Luke 1: 34 – 38

What a beautiful faith! Zechariah, godly and mature (vv. 5–6), had doubted the possibility of birth because of his age. This young girl, certainly still in her teens, never hesitated or doubted a supernatural birth, though she was single! There is a blessing for those of us who learn to believe in spite of doubt. There is blessing for those of us who respond as Mary did with perfect, childlike trust.

Mary’s faith-response is even more striking when we realize that, according to Old Testament Law, her pregnancy while still single might well be dealt with by stoning! And certainly her fiancé, who would know the child was not his, would hardly go through with the marriage. Yet all these things Mary was willing to trust God to work out! Instead of worry, joy filled Mary’s heart. And her praise song, known as the Magnificat (vv. 46–55), was filled with praise for God and with a vivid awareness of His greatness and love. What was Mary’s vision of God?

[He] has done great things (v. 49). Holy is His name (v. 49). His mercy extends to those who fear Him (v. 50). He has performed mighty deeds (v. 51). [He] has lifted up the humble (v. 52). He has filled the hungry (v. 53).

Mary knew God as a God of power and a God of concern, the One who cares enough for the humble and the hungry to reach down and to meet human need. Perhaps this helps to explain Mary’s response to the Lord. She had a clear vision of who God is. She knew Him as a God who cares … who cares enough to act. May we each know God so well!

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