Thursday, 23 November, 2017

Photography of Stephen Wilkes 2

Photography of Stephen Wilkes 2

Stephen Wilkes blends in excess of 1,000 photographs into each day-night cityscape. The transitions are fascinating, not just the play between light and darkness, but also the hues between dawn, midday and sunset. The US photographer spends 15 hours perched on rooftops or cranes, photographing each city from one camera angle through night and day. Then follows indeterminate months in the studio, painstakingly blending them into one seamless image. For example, he commented onStephen Wilkes his Shanghai combination shot “One of my favourite elements of this image is the transition point where day turns into night. I was able to capture the same boat in daytime and then again at night. So, if you look closely, you actually see the boat change from day into night. The contrasting ancient-modern Pudong skyline added to this dramatic transition.”

A few of his Day to Night photographs were posted on 10 January 2014. These photographs below are not in the earlier post.

Credit: Stephen Wilkes

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