What Ought to be an Appropriate Response to a Sunday Sermon?

Franciscan BlessingWe hear an awful lot of sermons in the space of our lifetime, and I cannot help but wonder how it would be like if every bit of truth speaking by our pastors on the pulpit, were to be rewarded with obedience and correction in our behavior and outlook on life. Changing creatures of habit is not that simple a procedure, as it is well known that many of these habitual behavioural and cognitive processes are unconscious and hard-wired.

Our pastors put an enormous amount of energy and resources into crafting their sermons, certainly for the ones I have heard, and to come away without it changing us (not to mention leaving some impression for recall through the week) does not justify a significant part of their ministry, week in and week out! The Word of God is meant to be life-changing, full stop! But that thought is a far cry from many of our consciousness on most Sundays – dare I say on any day! Could it be that our lifestyles are so dense with activities and responsibilities that allowing God to address our human weaknesses pales into insignificance as our normal routines predominate? Good intentions toward change do not equate to actual change; in fact, it often does not. The spirituality of our work-life balance may need some calibration. I need a review of my cluttered priorities.

Glen Packiam writes a challenging piece from another perspective.

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