Sexual Lines No Pastor Should Cross

Dont Cross the LineAs long as the human race continues to propagate, this article by Joe McKeever remains relevant for all Christians, and not just pastors. A recent fall of a pastor friend sadly brings home this not exceptional reality. A universal baseline is the fact that we are all sinners, and therefore capable of the most heinous crimes under given circumstances. But let us not forget that there is forgiveness and a restorative process for us before God. The more difficult part is the healing process within the particular Christian community where much hurt and distrust had occurred as a result of the infidelity. How much more do we need the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit to see us through these complex situations as a transformed Body of Christ.

Joe McKeever was the Director of Missions for the 100 Southern Baptist churches of metro New Orleans. He retired in June 2009. These days, he is working on three books, and has an extensive preaching ministry. He shares with us in the article below, his counsel on this important and sensitive issue.

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