Saturday, 19 October, 2019

Author: Zheluo Cai

Creation is enthralling and mysterious, and the wisdom of God remains perennially unfathomable. To know Him is to barely understand His heart, but to know myself, despite the many regrettable mistakes that have been made, is to understand the sufficiency of His grace, faithfulness, and lovingkindness. My enriching journey with Him took me through the halls of national service (the army), auditing, cross-cultural missionary service, church work, mentoring, psychology, and caregiving. Although now in retirement, I am still very much a learner at heart and an avid reader, and despite the smudges in life, I love it. Eternity then becomes a lifelong expectation.
Countries With The Best Work

Countries With The Best Work-Life Balance

If you’re frustrated with your work-life balance, you might consider moving to the Netherlands. Dutch people don’t tend to work very long hours and spend more time on leisure activities, as well as sleeping and relaxing, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) latest Better Life Index. The index ranks

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Inside Copenhagen's Race To Be First Carbon-Neutral City

Inside Copenhagen’s Race To Be First Carbon-Neutral City

We call it hedonistic sustainability,” says Jacob Simonsen, of the decision to put an artificial ski slope on the roof of the £485m Amager Resource Centre (ARC), Copenhagen’s cutting-edge new waste-to-energy power plant. “It’s not just good for the environment, it’s good for life.” Skiing is just one of the activities that

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Beyond Seville, The 3 Ancient Towns In Andalucia

Beyond Seville: The 3 Andalusian Ancient Towns

Andalusia is an autonomous community in southern Spain. It is the most populous, and the second-largest autonomous community in the country. The Andalusian autonomous community is officially recognised as a “historical nationality.” The territory is divided into eight provinces: Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Seville. Its capital is the city of Seville. Andalusia is located in the

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