Rose Romance At Gardens By The Bay

Named after the Latin word rosa, the rose is a flowering shrub belonging to the family of plants called Rosaceae. With over a hundred species and thousands of cultivars, its blooms vary in size and shape, and come in many different colours, from the well-known red, to yellow, white and purple, just to name a few. Feast your eyes with the variety of roses you’ll see at Flower Dome! Stop and smell the roses as you take a stroll through a romantic European garden setting adorned with over 40 varieties of roses in myriad hues of red, pink, orange, yellow and white. These are not your garden variety roses, but a spectacular medley of hybrids rarely seen in this part of the world. There is Princess Anne, a fragrant, deep pink rose named for British royalty; Lady of Shalott, which bears the name of the classic Tennyson poem and produces stunning salmon-pink blooms; and the surprising Angèle Pernet, with its whimsical and unusual colour gradation. These lovely blooms trail down from trellises and arches, flourish amidst magnificent ruins reminiscent of castles of long ago, and surround a tower where Juliet on her balcony is wooed by Romeo in the courtyard below. Rose Romance is at the Flower Dome until Sunday, 14 July 2019. Credit: Gardens By the Bay.