Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy is the latest thematic attraction at Gardens by the Bay. Flowers, artistry and technology come together to create a dream-like experience for visitors. It comprises four diverse garden landscapes, each showcasing a different concept, as well as a 4D video screening. On entering the display area, one is immediately captivated by the inverted hanging flower beds that zig-zag 50 metres into the narrow entrance foyer. Visitors may expect to spend about 45 minutes in Floral Fantasy. It is located at Bayfront Plaza, next to the exit of Bayfront MRT station. A brief description of the four gardens and the ride is as follows:

Be greeted by a lush, colourful tableau of flowering plants suspended from the ceiling, which move sinuously in mesmerising fashion at Dance, the first of the four garden landscapes of Floral Fantasy.

Encounter a bubbling brook (or stream) that meanders through grassy knolls in the second garden landscape Float.

Take a stroll down Waltz amidst a rain oasis and waterfalls of flowers among cascading rocks and winding driftwood. Imagine walking through a forest in the rain when you explore this garden landscape and ponder about the fragility of our biodiversity. Spot the Poison Dart Frogs on display here; despite being tiny, they are hard to miss because of their brilliant colours.

Enter the last garden landscape, a cave-like space that is ringed with terraced rock formations. The semi-enclosed space is set aglow with soft lighting, creating an enthralling atmosphere.

Flight of the Dragonfly
Get ready to experience the 4D ride. Visitors embark on a simulated journey of a dragonfly’s flight path through Gardens by the Bay to discover a whole new world of wonder.

Credit: Gardens By the Bay.