Most Inspiring Peace Initiative: Borderless World Foundation

Borderless World Foundation (BWF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered under India’s Societies Registration Act, 1860. Working in Jammu and Kashmir, along the conflict-riven border region in between India, Pakistan & China, BWF has rescued hundreds of girls orphaned in the conflict along the India-Pakistan border. BWF strives toward a vision of “One Great Human Family” through a variety of activities, including disaster relief and emergency medical support for the community and rescuing hundreds of children left orphaned by the ongoing conflict and providing love, support, health care and education to help them grow into a generation of peacemakers. BWF was founded in 2002 by Adhik Kadam and Bharati Mamani in Pune, India. The mission of BWF is to provide ‘Human Touch’ to the people of border areas who lost their loved ones in violence and armed conflict in the Kashmir conflict. BWF is on a mission to making peace and spreading love through their various programs. Founders of BWF started working in Kashmir in the year 1997. BWF works in education, health care, emergency medicine, and women’s empowerment. The organization runs four homes for girls who have lost their parents in the armed conflict in Kashmir Valley, during Kargil War and 2005 Kashmir earthquake. BWF support girls’ education, vocational training and mentoring for the purposeful life. In 2010, BWF was presented the Harmony Foundation’s “Mother Teresa Award” in the field of Social Justice and Peace by the Dalai Lama. Adhik Kadam and BWF were recognized in 2016 for their work by Indians for Collective Action. Credit: Wikipedia.

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