Ten Amazing Ancient Ruins In Britain With Great Views

Kenidjack has a rich industrial history, including engine houses perched on the edge of dramatic cliffs and Bronze Age burial cairns. The remains of hut circles have also been found in the vicinity. Kenidjack Cliff Castle lies on the coast path between St Just and Botallack, with a small stile giving easy access to the headland. Peregrines and Choughs are often found here, and on a fine day views stretch all the way to the Isles of Scilly. Kenidjack Cliff Castle is one of several Iron Age promontory forts that have been found in exposed coastal locations on the Penwith peninsula. The neck of the headland would have been protected by a triple row of ramparts that dropped steeply from the spine, stopping just short of the edge of a near-vertical cliff. The ramparts are very well-preserved on the northern side, where it is possible to discern the remains of a triple-ditch defence line. Although the outer and central ramparts are covered in vegetation, protruding stones indicate that they were constructed using granite rocks rather than being simple earth embankments. Credit: Cornwall Guide.

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