Wishing All My Chinese Readers A Blessed Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is celebrated by more than 20% of the world. It’s the most important holiday in China and to Chinese people all over. In China, you’ll hear it being called chunjie, or the Spring Festival. It’s still very wintry, but the holiday marks the end of the coldest days. People welcome spring and what it brings along: planting and harvests, new beginnings and fresh starts. It is also called the Lunar New Year because the Spring Festival goes according to the lunar calendar. The Spring Festival is on January 1st and lasts until the 15th (the full moon). Chinese New Year ranges from January 21 to February 20. In 2019, it occurs on February 5th. The Festival is technically 15 days. But celebrations start on New Year’s Eve (making it 16 days). You can also say that the holiday season starts in (lunar) December with the Laba Festival. That’s around 40 days of celebrations! Credit: WaSai Fun Facts.