20 Autumn Getaways In The UK & Europe

If you are fortunate enough to be able to discover Europe at any time of the year, autumn is really THE perfect season. We’ve never quite understood why fall is so underrated. Sure, summer is all about azure skies and balmy beach trips, but autumn has a charm all of its own – think crisp mornings, cosy evenings and sunny afternoons bathed in golden light. The main European destinations have just lived their high season; the streets are quieter, real-life resumes on the streets of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. Autumn is the perfect time to meet people and get off the beaten track. Off tourist season, you will also enjoy the best hotels at the best price, fewer queues for your best activities in Europe, more places in restaurants, fewer people on your photos, in short autumn is certainly the best time of the year to discover Europe. Europe in autumn is a real live fairy tale – every castle and stately home surrounded by trees that are decked out in shades of amber, russet and saffron. You have to see it to believe it. Plus, you can take the most amazing photos on tour.

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