What Is Your Heart Age?

Heart age is a concept for helping people to understand their cardiovascular health and risk for heart attack and stroke. We all know how old we are, but the rate at which our hearts age varies from person to person depending on some factors. Exercise, nutrition and stress are three of the key things that influence our heart health and affect the rate at which our heart age changes. Two fifty-year-old men with opposite lifestyles—one active and clean-eating, the other sedentary and always stressed, for example—will have very different life expectancies when considering their lifestyles alone. The first man’s choices will have a positive impact on his heart health while the other’s will be negative. The first man’s choices will slow down or even reverse his heart age while the other’s will speed his up at an increased rate. When measuring heart age, there are many factors to consider, which is where the NHS calculator’s questions about family medical history are effective. Regardless of any genetic non-variables, however, we can all reduce our risk of heart disease with healthy choices. Credit: iHeart, 7 September 2018.

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