A Foodie Tour Of Osaka, Japan

The lively entertainment area of Dotonbori is Osaka’s most famous tourist destination and renowned for its gaudy neon lights, extravagant signage, and the enormous variety of restaurants and bars. The name “Dotonbori” generally refers both to the Dotonbori Canal and to Dotonbori Street which runs parallel to the canal’s southern bank. It is one of the most colourful areas in Osaka and an absolute must-visit location when travelling through the Kansai region. Osaka’s obsession with food is often summed up with the expression “kuidaore” which is often interpreted to mean “eat till you drop” but means to spend so much on food that you fall into financial ruin! Dotonbori is said to be the best place in Osaka to experience this kuidaore style extreme love of food! Famous restaurants in Dotonbori include the following:

  • Hariju has have been serving prime Japanese beef shabu-shabu and sukiyaki in Dotombori since 1948.
  • Zubora-ya is a fugu or pufferfish speciality restaurant.
  • Kukuruis a takoyaki octopus dumpling shop.
  • Kushikatsu Daruma has been serving deep fried kebabs of skewered meat fish and vegetables since 1929.
  • Kani Dourakuis a super popular crab restaurant. Kani Douraku is easily recognised by the giant moving crab on its shopfront, but if you want to eat here it is a good idea to book a table in advance as the waiting time can be as long as 3 hours!

Credit: Osaka Station.

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