To Protect Amazon’s Marubo Tribe

Of all the tribes that inhabit the Javarí River Valley of Brazil and Peru, the Marubo Indians are the largest and most powerful. The Marubo were the first indigenous people in the Javarí to make contact with outsiders at the turn of the 20th century. Consequently, to the detriment of other tribes in the Valley, they were the first to get access to weapons such as shotguns. To this day the Marubo Indians dominate all the other tribes in the Javarí. The Marubo language is a member of the Pano family which includes other native languages such as Matis, Korubo, Matsés (Mayoruna), and Shipibo. Generally, young Marubo men speak some Portuguese. However, women rarely speak any Portuguese and have little or no contact with outsiders. Since the entire Javarí Valley area was originally a part of Peru and pioneered by Peruvian rubber tappers, older people tend to speak some Spanish. Credit: Amazon Indian.Org.

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